Saturday, December 12, 2009

TWO Years old…


reese 043


Reese Birthday etc 079

Our baby girl turned TWO on December 12, 2009!  And What an amazing two years it has been!  Our beautiful blessing has become this Magnetic and Spectacular little girl.  She keeps us on our toes, makes us SMILE, and I believe is born to be a STaR!!  Reese loves to entertain as she dances or sings and strikes her infamous pose when the camera is in reach. 

Robbie and I could have never imagined our life more beautiful or meaningful.  We are so proud to be Reese’s parents and are super excited to experience 2 years old!!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!  We Love You!!

Birthday Weekend Pictures:

Reese Birthday etc 003 Reese Birthday etc 004

Reese Birthday etc 015 Reese Birthday etc 016

Reese Birthday etc 029 Reese Birthday etc 030

Reese Birthday etc 033 Reese Birthday etc 038

Reese Birthday etc 049 Reese Birthday etc 065

Reese Birthday etc 069 Reese Birthday etc 076

Reese Birthday etc 090 Reese Birthday etc 097

bdaytrainchristmas 001

bdaytrainchristmas 002

Thursday, November 12, 2009

23 months old…Going on 13!!!

Here is a look at our baby girl!!!  She thinks she is pretty cool as you can see!  But, I would have to agree that she is one cool kid!!  Robbie and I say that she is growing up way too fast.  How awesome would it be if we had the power to stop time?!  I know as parents we would love her to stay this age.  Reese is full of energy and her bubbly personality shines through.  She loves to entertain us or just cuddle up beside you and play with your hair!  Our little diva makes our life more joyful!!  So here’s to 23 months!!

23monthsetc 001


23monthsetc 002


23monthsetc 003

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My SIDEWALK CHALK lovin’ Diva!!!


21mosetc 032


21mosetc 033


21mosetc 038


21mosetc 039


Reese loves to draw, as you can see, on anything and everything!  But, one of her favorite past times is drawing with SideWalk chalk!!  Don’t you just love her attitude and chalk-decorated clothes!  She’s my Reese and I love her so!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Reese’s Top 21 @ 21 months!!!


1.  Cheese.  Reese has become quite the “poser”.  When you say, “Cheese” Reese strikes a pose…usually with her hands on her hips!!  She started doing this while we were on vacation!  It’s pretty funny to see!

endof20begof21mos 027

2.  Preschool.  Reese started preschool on September 8th!  It is a playschool that has been going strong for 25 years.  She loved it so much that she didn’t want to leave!!  There are 5 other kids in her class and she has two teachers…Ms. Beth and Ms. Sarah.  Reese is going on Tuesday mornings from 9-11:50am.  The pictures below are from her 1st day…she had a rough start.  Reese is NOT a morning person!

endof20begof21mos 035 endof20begof21mos 034

3.  Funny Faces.  Reese loves to make funny faces.  If you watch Yo Gabba Gabba you understand.  She also has a happy and mad face which are pretty cute!!

4.  Exercise.  Reese loves to work out with me and Jillian Michaels!  I think she likes the push-ups and kick boxing moves the best!!  We also had a trial gymnastics class at a local gym last week and learned that Reese does not like to wait her turn!  She does like to crawl through tunnels and the monkey bars!

5.  Cheers.  Celebrations are everyday at our house!  Reese has to “Cheers” our cups morning, noon, and night!!

6.  Happy Birthday!  Our little performer loves to sing Happy Birthday then pretend to blow out the candle!! 

7.  Quiet & LOUD.  Reese has learned the difference between a quiet voice and loud voice.  It is fun to watch her demonstrate!

8.  Tee-Tee.  Reese started showing interest in using the BIG potty when we stayed with my friend Tamara and her little girl Lilly.  Lilly is just recently potty trained…Reese was thrilled to sit on her “Dora” seat.  We now have a Sesame Street potty seat at our house.  She will point to her diaper and say “tee-tee”. We will place her on the throne, but we haven’t had a successful showing of tee-tee!

9.  Brave.  Reese continues to have NO fear…good in some ways, scary in others!!

10.  Hair Twirl.  Yes, our little girl has always had an infatuation with hair. Now, she has also become quite the hair twirler!  Thank goodness we haven’t had any major knots!!

11.    Shoes.  Reese can put her crocs on all by herself and usually has them on the RIGHT feet!  She also loves to wear Mommy and Daddy’s shoes!

12.  Drawing.  It can be a dry erase board, Daddy’s ipod, or a plain piece of paper…Reese loves to draw.  Circles are her forte! 

endof20begof21mos 036

13.  Pacifier.  This is Reese’s buddy!!  She likes to have it when she is sleepy and sometimes just because.  She will point to her mouth and say “Pappy” when it is nowhere to be found!

14.  Detangler.  Every morning we have to spray Reese’s hair with Detangler.  She loves it!

15.  Imagination.  Reese is learning the concept and will make you “199” vanilla ice cream cones a day!  She had a wonderful time exploring the Greensboro Children’s Museum.  The museum gave her ample opportunities to “pretend”! 

endof20begof21mos 006 endof20begof21mos 007

endof20begof21mos 011 endof20begof21mos 008

16.  Loving.  Reese is so affectionate and caring towards others.  She is gentle around babies and is quite the little mommy!

17.  Blonde.  Yes, Reese has become blondie over the summer!!

18.  Fishie.  She loves fish and lives to go down the fish aisle in Wal-mart!  I think she may be getting a fish of her own very soon!

19.  Naps.  Usually one a day…lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. 

20.    Technology.  Reese is definitely a child of 2009.  She can work her daddy’s ipod touch in seconds and walks around the house listening to “Reese’s tunes” on her mommy’s ipod nano.

21.  Happy.  Reese makes our family so HAPPY!  We love our Brown Eyed Girl and love to see her grow and learning new things!!  Happy 21 months!!

endof20begof21mos 037

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach Trip!!

Here are some pictures from our Beach trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  We had a blast!  I will post more updates later!  Enjoy!



 beachtrip09 001 beachtrip09 003 beachtrip09 009beachtrip09 008

beachtrip09 014 beachtrip09 023

beachtrip09 020 beachtrip09 026

beachtrip09 028 beachtrip09 029

beachtrip09 035 beachtrip09 034

beachtrip09 038 beachtrip09 042

beachtrip09 044 beachtrip09 046

beachtrip09 050

beachtrip09 052 beachtrip09 054

beachtrip09 055 beachtrip09 056

beachtrip09 068 beachtrip09 083

beachtrip09 087 beachtrip09 089

beachtrip09 095 beachtrip09 099beachtrip09 144  beachtrip09 145

beachtrip09 143

beachtrip09 137