Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baseball Regionals!

Hey! I wanted to post some pictures of Reese...I know you all have missed her! It has been over a week! We have been really busy with baseball as you can see. Hopefully, tomorrow will be full of baseball! Elon plays UNCW again at 1pm...if we win we will play Carolina at 5pm. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Elon will be playing in the Championship game!!!
Gangha, Reese, & Grammy

Man, those hot dogs smell GOOD!!

Little priss with her legs crossed!!

Reese's future babysitter, Blair Kennedy!!

I love my fingers!!!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tournament Champs!!

( Robbie is on the far left with his arms on the player's shoulders!!!)

Elon won the Southern Conference Tournament this weekend in beautiful Charleston, SC and received an automatic bid to play in the NCAA Regionals in Cary, NC. The Elon Phoenix will be playing UNCW on Friday at 2pm. We are so excited!! Congrats again to the dedicated coaches and players!!!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Duke Gardens...

Reese & Mommy

Whitley & Tully

Reese says, "It is sooo pretty under this Carolina Blue sky!"

Tully says, "I am going to Duke when I grow up!!

Reese says, "Yuck...Duke! I am going to UNC...I don't want to be a Blue Devil!"

Reese & Tully say, "Our futures are sooo BRIGHT...we gotta where shades!!!"
Future TarHeel & Blue Devil!!!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mouthwash WARNING!!!

If you are using Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash...STOP!!! Apparently, there are reports of thousands of people experiencing "brown" teeth stains, loss of taste, etc. after using this product. Check out this blog to learn more!

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Baby shower & weekend fun...

This weekend was my friend Amanda's baby shower. Amanda and I met in nursing school. She is such a wonderful sweet and kind! I know that she is going to make a fabulous mommy! Unfortunately, I had not seen Amanda in forever, but our friendship is one that picks up right where we left off!! I absolutely love being around her and her awesome family! Amanda and her hubby, Thomas, have decided not to find out what they are having...I personally think it is a little girl! Time will only tell...Amanda is due July 13th! Here are a few pictures from the shower.

The "glowing" mommy to be showing off her little Tarheel outfit!

Ruth, Elyse (Amanda's youngest sister), & baby Reese

Lara (Amanda's sis) and Reese

Reese, Me, and Amanda!

Let me tell you one thing...Reese was such a good baby at the shower. I was so proud of her! Robbie and I are so blessed with a wonderful baby. After the shower, Reese was pooped out. She had taken a short cat nap at the shower...once we returned home she fell asleep in her favorite swing. When she woke up, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day. Reese really enjoys riding in her stroller like a "big" girl!
We have missed Daddy this weekend. He is in Miami recruiting...eating cuban food, watching baseball, & soaking up some sun!!! I actually had the opportunity to watch a movie after Reese fell asleep...of course "On Demand"! I watched Juno...and loved it! This movie made me laugh out loud and cry a little. I definitely recommend it! I hope everyone had a terrific weekend!

soooo tired

lovin' the "BIG" girl ride

All smiles

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Saturday, May 17, 2008


That's right as of today the Elon Phoenix are the 2008 Southern Conference Champions!!! Reese says "yeeeaaaa" for Daddy! The baseball team is the first seed going into the tournament next week in Charleston...and Robbie gets to add another gigantic ring to his right hand! We are so proud of all the hardworking and dedicated coaches and the well deserving players! CONGRATS!!!

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Happy Saturday!

Howdy!!! Have a GREAT weekend!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hip Update & Lunch date...

Reese had her doctor's appointment today with the UNC orthopedic physician. Dr. Henderson examined her little hips and did not seemed too concerned. He said that her hip had some looseness or extra wiggle room. Dr. Henderson told me that if I wanted we could place her in a pavlik harness today or wait a month and get an x-ray. I decided on the x-ray. He said that as time passes her bone structures may become tighter and the looseness may resolve on it's own. Hopefully, in a month everything will be perfect. Everyone please keep saying a little prayer for Reese...Thanks for checking up on our little one!

After our appointment, we had lunch with Whitley and Tully. It was such a beautiful afternoon and a great day to stroll the babes around Brier Creek. Whitley and I love watching Reese and Tully interact with one another. Today they were rolling around on the floor together and touching each other's faces! Playdates are definitely getting more and more fun!! Here are some pictures from our lunch date last week...I forgot my camera today...poo on me!!

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Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm 5 months old today!!!

Hey, everyone it's Reese!! I wanted to say a few little words today instead of my Mommy! Well, first of all can you believe that I am 5 months old??? It's hard to believe isn't it!? I can tell you one thing it is so much fun being a baby, especially in the Huffstetler house! I absolutely LOVE my Mommy and Daddy...they are the Greatest!! I have 2 really cool dogs, Gus & Ellie Mae! Ellie Mae is starting to accept me more and more everyday...Gus has loved me from the beginning. He even gave me a very slobbery kiss on the head last week. It was pretty gross I would have to say! I am starting to like rice cereal a little more each time. I actually tried a little today mixed with bananas. Mommy thought it was my best time so far...we will see! I also had a bath today...I LOVE bathtime. Well, I am getting a little sleepy, so I better go. I will probably take a little nap in my favorite swing! Talk to ya'll later! Love, Reese

WHAT...I'm 5 months old!?

Hey, Mommy...I might like this rice cereal stuff!

I love bathtime!!!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

As I sit here at the computer and think about Mother's Day, I think about how much my life has changed in these 5 months. I became a Mother on December 12, 2007...a day I will remember forever. Other mothers told me that when you have a baby it is an indescribable feeling...a feeling only other mothers share. The feeling that December morning was one of excitement and joy!! I remember the nurse telling me that it was time to eyes filled with tears and I held Robbie's hand. I knew our lives were about to change forever! The moment Reese entered the world was a feeling like many say...indescribable! In that instant, I became a mother...something I had dreamt of as a little girl and something I often thought about as an adult. In that instant, I became responsible for another human so innocent, pure, and beautiful. Five months have past and I am so in love with my daughter! I am so proud to be Reese's MOTHER. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all MOTHERS!!!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!

My First Mother's Day at Reese's Great-Grandma's!

Great-Grandma Hinson, Reese, & Grammy Huffstetler

My Mother-in-Law, Me (Reese in my belly), & My Mama...Two very influential women!!
Love You All!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go RED!!

Have you ever heard of the GO RED campaign? The first time I ever heard of RED was of course on Oprah!! It is a wonderful creation to raise awareness and money in the fight against AIDS. Some major brands have RED products to purchase...The Gap is one location. Here is little miss Reese modeling her RED onesie!!! Check out to learn more!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Nurse's Week!!!

Happy Nurse's Week to all of you nurses out there!! Reese wanted to give a little shout out...she is wearing her pink baby scrubs from her Gamma!! I personally work with a wonderful group of nurses who are so hardworking, dedicated, intelligent and on top of all that compassionate and caring. PICU nurses are the BEST!!!