Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

As I sit here at the computer and think about Mother's Day, I think about how much my life has changed in these 5 months. I became a Mother on December 12, 2007...a day I will remember forever. Other mothers told me that when you have a baby it is an indescribable feeling...a feeling only other mothers share. The feeling that December morning was one of excitement and joy!! I remember the nurse telling me that it was time to eyes filled with tears and I held Robbie's hand. I knew our lives were about to change forever! The moment Reese entered the world was a feeling like many say...indescribable! In that instant, I became a mother...something I had dreamt of as a little girl and something I often thought about as an adult. In that instant, I became responsible for another human so innocent, pure, and beautiful. Five months have past and I am so in love with my daughter! I am so proud to be Reese's MOTHER. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all MOTHERS!!!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!

My First Mother's Day at Reese's Great-Grandma's!

Great-Grandma Hinson, Reese, & Grammy Huffstetler

My Mother-in-Law, Me (Reese in my belly), & My Mama...Two very influential women!!
Love You All!

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