Saturday, May 16, 2009

My BABY GIRL is 17 months old!!!

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Man, oh Man, Where does the time go? Everyone told me that the first year would fly bye! Well, now we are almost at the 1 1/2 year mark and time is not stopping!! What can I say about this little person that has brightened my world beyond measure. She is miss Independent and tries to do everything herself. Reese is constantly drawing these days and talking up a storm. You can’t always understand what comes out of her mouth, but this little girl has a LOT to talk about!! Her best word by far is ELLL-LIE!! Reese and Ellie Mae are becoming great friends especially when Reese hand-feeds Ellie vanilla wafers!

Reese is such a JOY and I am glad my days are filled with her beautiful smile and loving self!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Late Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you mother’s out there!!  I had the opportunity to celebrate with my wonderful Mom this year.  It was truly special to watch my mom speak about a mother’s love during the church sermon.  As a mother, I understand what an honor and blessing it is to become a Mother!  The strong bond that I share with my daughter grows everyday.  I love being Reese’s Mommy and it melts my HEART to hear her say MA-MA!!


To my Mama:  Thank You for teaching me, guiding me, and everything in between!! 

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This picture of Reese was taken last Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law. 

To my Mother-in-law:  Thank You for a raising a man that grew up to be a wonderful husband and amazing father!! 


And I thank you Both for loving my Reese to pieces!! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog Slacker...

I know, I know I have been slacking on blog postings lately. So, I'm catching up!! Hope you enjoy!

My Dirt Loving Diva
Hammock Days & Oatmeal Pies
Honeycutt Reunion '09
Playdate Fun
I HEART sidewalk chalk

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My Dirt Loving Diva...

Yes, my daughter LOVES the dirt or sand. She is content just sitting in the dirt with a stick. And she uses the stick as her writing utensil! We can thank her Gamma for that one. Reese loves to get dirty, but she also likes to dress up! She raided my jewelry box and this blue necklace caught her eye. For the last 3 days, she has accessorized with mommy's blue necklace! The funny thing is I was wearing the same blue necklace the day I found out that I was pregnant!!

We went to Elon's baseball games this weekend. The team is doing extremely well and will soon be playing in their conference tournament in Greenville, SC.

Reese eating chicken and Resting up for a full day at the BASEBALL field!!

Playing in the DIRT, of course!! The night prior she grabbed a handful of the dirt/gravel behind her and put it in her mouth!! She immediately stuck her tongue out and I was at her rescue rinsing her mouth out with apple juice!

Reese...her stick...&...her dirt!!!

Reese & Daddy riding the gator after Elon defeated Wofford.

Reese loves the gator. She loves to play outside, but as you can see she likes to wear big necklaces, too! She's a girly girl!

Checking out Daddy's dragging skills...

Reese and the baseball field...Go Elon!!!

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Hammock Days & Oatmeal Pies...

Reese and I stayed at Grammy and Ganga's last weekend. The hammock is wear she rested during her naps. Doesn't she look very comfy!!

Ganga introduced Reese to oatmeal pies. Here she is swinging in the hammock with Ganga and oatmeal pie in hand!!

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Honeycutt Reunion '09

This is a photo from my mother's side of the family at the annual Honeycutt reunion. My Meme, Beatrice, was a Honeycutt before she married my Papa Paul. The two of them were amazing individuals who loved life and family. I will always remember my Meme letting my cousins and I play beauty shop on top of her recliner. We loved taking turns combing her hair. She was a wonderful cook and seamstress. One of her favorite past times was cross stitching. It was like a therapy for her arthritis. My Meme was a beautiful woman inside and out. I can't believe we have been without her for almost 19 years. My Papa had such a kind and gentle soul. He was known around town as the bubble gum man! He loved helping others and was a volunteer firefighter for many years. He could also cook the best bologna and cheese sandwiches!! We have been without my Papa for almost 9 years. My Meme and Papa both enjoyed our family reunion. It gave them so much joy to watch their grandchildren, nieces, and nephews compete in potato sack races, friendly softball or volleyball games, or simply sitting together learning about one another. My mother, my two aunts, and us grandchildren now carry on reunion traditions. This was the first reunion I was able to attend in many years. I want Reese to have the opportunity to meet all parts of her family. However, I wish she had been able to meet Meme and Papa. The special thing is that her middle name is my mom's maiden name, so she will always know her Great Meme and Papa!

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Playdate FUN!!

We had a house full when Lilly, Tully, and baby Madison joined us for a playdate! The kids got along so well and the Mommies (Tamara, Whitley, and Beth) enjoyed having an "adult" conversation!! I made Hot Chicken Salad for lunch which was pretty yummy. It's a Paula Deen recipe that I discovered in blog~land! I actually tried to make the chicken salad a little healthy...However, I think it would have been better the unhealthy Paula way!! This was the first time I laid my eyes on Tamara's growing belly. She is expecting identical twin boys...Weston & Walker in August. Lilly is going to be a wonderful BIG sister and Tamara will be a great mother of 3!! I'm so lucky to have these girls in my life! I love getting together with each of them and talking about our days in motherhood amongst many other reality TV!!! You gotta love American Idol and Housewives of NYC!! Can't wait until next time!

Reese giving her "Aunt" Whitley some lovin'!!!

Mr. Tully Man!!

BIG girl Lilly! She is the oldest of the bunch by 10 1/2 months!!

Baby Madison and Mommy Beth. Madison will be 3 months this week! Reese absolutely LOVES Madison. Reese would make a great little mommy!

"Aunt" Tamara feeding the kids an apple on a stick!! Tricks from the carnival!! They all loved it!

Cheese :)

Bubble time...The Nemo bubble machine does a great job blowing bubbles. It gives Mommy a break!! Thanks, Nemo!!

What a FUN afternoon!! See you all soon!!

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I HEART Sidewalk Chalk!!

Currently, Reese has a fascination with writing and/or drawing. It does not matter if she writes with chalk, crayons, markers, pens, or her magna-doodle!! She absolutely loves it!! My little artist will lay on her belly and just scribble until her heart is content. Maybe I have a Picasso on my hands!

Distracted from her's an AIRPLANE!!!

Reese busy decorating our sidewalk...Mommy likes sidewalk chalk, too!!

My artist never holds only ONE piece of chalk! She insists on holding a handful!!!

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