Monday, May 4, 2009

Honeycutt Reunion '09

This is a photo from my mother's side of the family at the annual Honeycutt reunion. My Meme, Beatrice, was a Honeycutt before she married my Papa Paul. The two of them were amazing individuals who loved life and family. I will always remember my Meme letting my cousins and I play beauty shop on top of her recliner. We loved taking turns combing her hair. She was a wonderful cook and seamstress. One of her favorite past times was cross stitching. It was like a therapy for her arthritis. My Meme was a beautiful woman inside and out. I can't believe we have been without her for almost 19 years. My Papa had such a kind and gentle soul. He was known around town as the bubble gum man! He loved helping others and was a volunteer firefighter for many years. He could also cook the best bologna and cheese sandwiches!! We have been without my Papa for almost 9 years. My Meme and Papa both enjoyed our family reunion. It gave them so much joy to watch their grandchildren, nieces, and nephews compete in potato sack races, friendly softball or volleyball games, or simply sitting together learning about one another. My mother, my two aunts, and us grandchildren now carry on reunion traditions. This was the first reunion I was able to attend in many years. I want Reese to have the opportunity to meet all parts of her family. However, I wish she had been able to meet Meme and Papa. The special thing is that her middle name is my mom's maiden name, so she will always know her Great Meme and Papa!

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