Monday, May 4, 2009

Playdate FUN!!

We had a house full when Lilly, Tully, and baby Madison joined us for a playdate! The kids got along so well and the Mommies (Tamara, Whitley, and Beth) enjoyed having an "adult" conversation!! I made Hot Chicken Salad for lunch which was pretty yummy. It's a Paula Deen recipe that I discovered in blog~land! I actually tried to make the chicken salad a little healthy...However, I think it would have been better the unhealthy Paula way!! This was the first time I laid my eyes on Tamara's growing belly. She is expecting identical twin boys...Weston & Walker in August. Lilly is going to be a wonderful BIG sister and Tamara will be a great mother of 3!! I'm so lucky to have these girls in my life! I love getting together with each of them and talking about our days in motherhood amongst many other reality TV!!! You gotta love American Idol and Housewives of NYC!! Can't wait until next time!

Reese giving her "Aunt" Whitley some lovin'!!!

Mr. Tully Man!!

BIG girl Lilly! She is the oldest of the bunch by 10 1/2 months!!

Baby Madison and Mommy Beth. Madison will be 3 months this week! Reese absolutely LOVES Madison. Reese would make a great little mommy!

"Aunt" Tamara feeding the kids an apple on a stick!! Tricks from the carnival!! They all loved it!

Cheese :)

Bubble time...The Nemo bubble machine does a great job blowing bubbles. It gives Mommy a break!! Thanks, Nemo!!

What a FUN afternoon!! See you all soon!!

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