Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hip Update & Lunch date...

Reese had her doctor's appointment today with the UNC orthopedic physician. Dr. Henderson examined her little hips and did not seemed too concerned. He said that her hip had some looseness or extra wiggle room. Dr. Henderson told me that if I wanted we could place her in a pavlik harness today or wait a month and get an x-ray. I decided on the x-ray. He said that as time passes her bone structures may become tighter and the looseness may resolve on it's own. Hopefully, in a month everything will be perfect. Everyone please keep saying a little prayer for Reese...Thanks for checking up on our little one!

After our appointment, we had lunch with Whitley and Tully. It was such a beautiful afternoon and a great day to stroll the babes around Brier Creek. Whitley and I love watching Reese and Tully interact with one another. Today they were rolling around on the floor together and touching each other's faces! Playdates are definitely getting more and more fun!! Here are some pictures from our lunch date last week...I forgot my camera today...poo on me!!

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