Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm 5 months old today!!!

Hey, everyone it's Reese!! I wanted to say a few little words today instead of my Mommy! Well, first of all can you believe that I am 5 months old??? It's hard to believe isn't it!? I can tell you one thing it is so much fun being a baby, especially in the Huffstetler house! I absolutely LOVE my Mommy and Daddy...they are the Greatest!! I have 2 really cool dogs, Gus & Ellie Mae! Ellie Mae is starting to accept me more and more everyday...Gus has loved me from the beginning. He even gave me a very slobbery kiss on the head last week. It was pretty gross I would have to say! I am starting to like rice cereal a little more each time. I actually tried a little today mixed with bananas. Mommy thought it was my best time so far...we will see! I also had a bath today...I LOVE bathtime. Well, I am getting a little sleepy, so I better go. I will probably take a little nap in my favorite swing! Talk to ya'll later! Love, Reese

WHAT...I'm 5 months old!?

Hey, Mommy...I might like this rice cereal stuff!

I love bathtime!!!

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