Friday, June 20, 2008

What a difference a year makes...!!

Last year at this time I was about 17 weeks pregnant. Robbie and I were visiting Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. We had many dreams and aspirations for our little one, but did not know if we were having a boy or a girl. I bought a children's book in one of the Grand Canyon gift shops, and I wanted to write a little something about our trip to my future baby. I was so emotional (pregnancy hormones) that I could only write the words "Dear, Baby Huffstetler". I guess it was the realization that I was about to become a mother and wanting everything to be perfect for my little one. In that moment, I couldn't think of what to write to the one person who I already loved so dearly, but had never met. I actually left it blank. A month or so after our trip I wrote something in the book. I knew then we were having a girl but I didn't change the words "Baby Huffstetler"! The picture below is the start of my baby bump. We were able to see an absolutely beautiful Grand Canyon sunset. Hopefully, one day we can take Reese and let her experience the beautiful sunsets at one of the 7 wonders of the world!!!

Now a year has passed and we have a beautiful, healthy, 6 month old baby GIRL!! Reese is full of personality. She loves for everyone to hear her lovely voice and watch her adventures all over the floor. She manages to get where she wants and what toys she wants by rolling everywhere. Reese is definitely our little bundle of joy!

We went to the orthopedist and pediatrician today. Her femurs and hip sockets on xray looked great, so no harness!!!! Yippeeeee!!! The ortho doc wants us to follow up with a repeat xray in six months. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! As far as her pediatrician's visit everything was great! Reese weighed 15lbs. 15oz. and measured 26 1/4 inches long. She is in the 55th % for height and head circumference and inching towards the 75th % for weight. Again, she was a trooper during her shots. Reese actually loves rice cereal and fruits now. I really think bananas and pears are her faves!! We tried vegetables this week...didn't go so well. The first one was sweet peas...our little sweet pea gagged several times then vomited...poor baby! I felt terrible. I guess we will try again later!! Right now I think we will stick to fruits and try the orange veggies.

Robbie and I have loved these past six months. They have definitely been some of the best times of our lives. It is awesome to see your daughter smile and laugh even at 5am! We love being parents...What a wondeful gift from above! Everyone keeps asking "when are you going to have another one?"...well, we are pregnant!!! Sike...Just kidding!!! We want to wait a couple of years. We are enjoying this time with Reese and cherishing each and every moment.

Reese's lovely BEDHEAD!!!

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G'ma Laura said...

What a great story! Love you Chele. Reese's pictures are super! I especially like the Big Flower Headband picture. This is the second time that you have gotten me about you being pregnant! I guess whenever you do become pregnant I will have to see the ultrsaound to know for sure. Ha, Ha

Ashley I said...

Wow, the flower is as big as her head. It scared me! She is so cute. My heart kind of skipped a beat when you said you were preggers though, then I laughed. Try mixing the veggies with some fruit to cover up the yucky taste and keep trying.