Monday, January 5, 2009

Reese's One Year Check Ups...

We had busy day on December 23rd. First thing that morning we headed over to Chapel Hill for Reese's hip x-ray. This was a follow-up from six months. Reese laid right on the table and did not move an inch. The xray tech shot the film and we were done. Then we had to wait forever to see the doctor. It was a good wait because we got great news...Reese's hips are perfect and completely normal! So no more xrays...Yay!!

After our visit in Chapel Hill, we headed to her pediatrician for her one year check up. I was not looking forward to this because it was the dreaded SHOT!! Before all the shots, Reese had fun playing with the toys and eating puffs while we waited!! As far as her stats go...Reese weighs 18lbs 15 0z and is 29 1/2 inches. Robbie and I both guessed wrong for her weight. We were sure she weighed at least 20lbs, but we were wrong. I guess she doesn't have time to pack on the pounds when she is walking like 10 miles a day!! Her shots went as well as expected. We had our favorite nurse and she was over and done within seconds. It is really amazing to see! Now, we don't return to the pediatrician until 15 months...maybe she will be 20lbs by then!!

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