Thursday, March 12, 2009

my baby girl is 15 months old!!!

Who is this little diva?? My beautiful daughter who is growing so very fast right before my eyes!! She is learning independence that makes me so proud and so sad. Her newly found independence like wanting to feed herself makes me realize that she is growing up. My baby girl was able to feed herself with a fork!! She was successful 5 times in a brought tears to my eyes! She's my baby...I want to feed her!! Reese is learning new things everyday! She loved Toddler Time at the library for the first time today!! After a few short minutes of sitting on my lap, she ventured out to the center of the floor with all the other kiddies. She was having a blast singing ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and many other songs! Reese is very friendly and lovable. She is constantly waving to everyone and blows kisses to the ladies at Chic-fila that cleaned the tables! I believe that is her way of saying Thank You!! She is such a fun-loving 15 month old who loves VANILLA WAFERS ELMO Sesame Street PLAYING OUTSIDE WALKING golf cart rides HAIR DANCING cuddling by your side the portable dvd player telephones and of course her FAMILY i wish everyone could meet my baby girl...she makes me smile a million times a day and smells like vanilla wafers!!! We LOVE you, Reese!!

Mom, I am trying to watch Sesame Street and eat my Cheerios!!

What did Elmo just do?!!

Mom, Please excuse me!! I can not see ELMO!!

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Gamma Laura said...

I love this heartwarming little girl very much and I am proud to be her Gramma. Her sweet vanilla wafer smell sure makes me hungry!