Monday, April 13, 2009

"EGG"cellent Easter!!

Kylie Mae, Graclyn, & Reese behaving in the nursery during BIG church!

Reese in her Easter dress!!

So excited to see Gamma's beautiful tulips...

Mommy & Reese

The girls playing with their goodies from the Easter Bunny!!

The beautiful cross in front of Poppy's church!!

Reese making EYES at Gamma...too cute!!

Striking a pose with the "cake lady" aka Gamma!!

The Bunny Cake

Reese thinks that is one Yummy Bunny!!

Evidence of Yummy Goodness...

The Girls after the Easter Egg Hunt...Reese liked to carry her basket as a purse!! She is such a Girly Girl...I love it!!

The grandgirls with Gamma and Poppy!! Thanks for such a fun Easter weekend!!

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1 comment:

Gamma Laura said...

Can you say "one tired Gamma?"
Loving these 3 grandaughters!, missing Mr. Evan!