Friday, July 31, 2009

July in REVIEW…

I know I disappeared from Blog~land for awhile, but I’m back!!  We have been super busy this last month…going somewhere almost every weekend.  We have had lots of fun and have tons of pictures to prove it!


JuLy consisted of a wedding at Bald Head Island (actually the last weekend in June), trips to Whiteville to visit Grammy and Ganga, a trip to Busch Gardens, 2 trips to Batchelor Bay, Ocean Isle beach, Tamara’s baby shower for her identical twin boys, play~dates, fun times with Gamma and Poppy at Duke, and last but not least Reese’s 1st Hair cut!!  See, I told you we have been busy!!  Hope you all are having a wonderful summer as well!  Enjoy the multitude of pictures!


fun&weddingetc18mos 039 fun&weddingetc18mos 041


fun&weddingetc18mos 045


buschgardens&4thofjuly 010 buschgardens&4thofjuly 019

buschgardens&4thofjuly 046 buschgardens&4thofjuly 028

buschgardens&4thofjuly 072 buschgardens&4thofjuly 069

buschgardens&4thofjuly 076 buschgardens&4thofjuly 079


buschgardens&4thofjuly 093 buschgardens&4thofjuly 112

buschgardens&4thofjuly 124 buschgardens&4thofjuly 127

buschgardens&4thofjuly 136 buschgardens&4thofjuly 144


julysummer 001

julysummer 003 julysummer 013

julysummer 004 julysummer 005

julysummer 007 julysummer 010

julysummer 012 julysummer 014

julysummer 018 julysummer 019

julysummer 023 julysummer 026

julysummer 025

julysummer 028  julysummer 031

julysummer 035 julysummer 041 julysummer 045

julysummer 049 julysummer 052

julysummer 057 julysummer 056

julysummer 034

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