Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July...Batchelor Bay

Happy Fourth...a little late!! This past weekend Reese and I traveled to Batchelor Bay...the home of June Bug and Jobie (Whitley's parents). Both our husbands were working, so we decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend and head to the bay!! Reese experienced her first boat ride and first parade! Mrs. June Bug and Whitley decorated an "all terrain wagon" for Reese and Tully's float!!! The two babies were so good sitting in their bumbo seats and were the youngest participants in the parade! Tully's Bug pulled the wagon as the proud mommies videoed from the side. It was quite a site to see and thoroughly thrilling for all. We definitely had loads of fun celebrating at the bay! Hopefully, we can make it a tradition boating, sunbathing, and parading on the fourth of July at the beautiful Batchelor Bay!

Whitley, Tully, Rikki, & Reese

Mommy & Reese

My "All American Girl" with her Hallelujah arms!

The proud mommies and festive babies!

My American baby

Cutie patootie baby bottoms!

"Man, I love my hair blowing in the wind!"

Tully's big smile!

Reese, the bathing beauty, in her 1st bikini!! Pacis are the "must have" accessory!

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