Friday, September 12, 2008


A year ago today this picture was taken. We knew at the time that a precious little girl was growing inside my belly. We did not know that she was going to be the "BEST" little girl ever!!! Robbie and I think Reese is absolutely wonderful! Everyone tells us that we are so very lucky and blessed to have such an "easy" baby! All we can say is Thank You!!! Reese is a JOY to be with everyday. I know that we have been truly blessed beyond measure. In the picture below I had thoughts of what Reese would be like as a baby, but she has totally blown those all away!

I love being Reese's Mommy!! This last month she has changed so much. She is definitely becoming a "little" person with lots of personality, drama, and attitude! It is a highlight of my morning to wake up and see this beautiful baby girl smiling back at me. She is either standing up in her crib or peeking through the rails to see you walk in her nursery. And she will now raise her hands in order for you to pick her up. Reese will make the slightest peep to let you know that she is awake or will just hang out in her crib until someone wakes up. She is so excited to see you and gives you her biggest grin! Lately, she has started to become quite the cuddle bug in the mornings. Reese will lay her sweet head on my chest and just cuddle with me...I love morning time with my baby.

Reese is also becoming quite the night owl. She usually goes to bed around 8:30pm or 9pm. Well, not for the last week. She will catch a power nap around 7:30ish, and we think she is down for the night! Oh no...Reese will stay up until 10:30pm just smiling, laughing, and playing. We think she is teething, so maybe this has something to do with her extended night life! Speaking of teething, we have Zero teeth. I really think one is about to pop through on the bottom any day now. She is such a trooper and constantly has something in her mouth...her fingers, our fingers, teething rings, toys, books, etc. Please little tooth show your pearly face soon!!

Reese has also started to shake her head "NO". Robbie didn't think she knew what she was doing, but I think she does. If I am feeding her and she doesn't want another bite she will consistently shake her head "NO" and smile. She is quite the little stinker!

Reese loves having the ability to move! She continues to army crawl at an olympic speed and cruises from ottoman to couch a hundred times a day! She actually showed interest in the stairs last night, but did not succeed in climbing up!! Thank Goodness!

These last 9 months have been some of the best! Robbie and I love being parents!! We are so thankful that we were blessed with a child. Parenthood is truly an amazing adventure. There's nothing like it! We LOVE being Reese's Mommy & Daddy!!! She's the BEST!!!

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G'ma Laura said...

WOW! How time flies! She is a joy and too cute. Love the new pictures.