Thursday, December 11, 2008

One day until Reese's 1st Birthday!!!

A year ago today, I was admitted to the hospital for my scheduled induction. It was a beautiful morning and very warm for December. The temperature was in the 70's! There were so many feelings and thoughts going through my head that morning. I wasn't nervous, but very excited to meet my baby girl! Robbie made me breakfast...bacon and eggs. However, he could not eat anything because his stomach was doing flips...he was nervous.

We arrived at the hospital right at 8am. Due to labor & delivery being crazy busy and short staffed, my induction kept getting delayed. Instead of the pitocin starting that morning it didn't start until 1pm. Once it started I didn't feel any pain. My contractions looked beautiful on the monitor, but nothing was happening...until my water broke around 5pm. After that look out!! My wonderful midwife, Stephanie, said that when I was calling on the Lord I was in labor. Well, let me tell you I was calling on the Lord after my water broke. My contractions came fast and strong! I asked for my epidural and was pain free by 7pm. My thought is Why sit in pain if there is medicine that can help?! Would you go to the dentist and not receive pain meds...I don't think so! My epidural went in without difficultly and I was able to relax. I progressed to 9cm by 11pm and started pushing at 1am. Due to Reese's head position, I pushed for an hour and then rested for 30 minutes. The little stinker's head was turned slightly to the side which made it difficult for her to descend. I started pushing again around 2:30 am and by 3:43 am Little Miss Reese made her debut!! Robbie was by my side the entire time and was a terrific coach!! Reese's birth was an amazing experience for the both of us. It was truly a miracle to finally see your baby girl who you had named, talked to everyday, and felt kick inside you. The first time I held her there was instant love...she was loud, beautiful, and perfect in every way. Reese has brought so much love and joy into our lives. I thank God everyday for blessing us with our angel, Reese Avant!!

Welcome to the World...Reese Avant!!!

The morning of my induction!!

The week before the induction.

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