Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two days to go...until Reese and Tully's 1st Birthdays!!

It was so ironic that one of my best friends, Whitley, and I were due on the same day, scheduled to be induced on the same day (12 hours apart), and then delivered on the same day!! We know that Reese and Tully will always have a special bond and friendship. As their mothers, Whitley and I hope they will be future Husband and Wife...wouldn't that be just Grand!!
Tully and Reese's first picture together at 1 week old!

Reese & Tully...Playing so well together at almost 1 year old!!

Little Dancing Babies!

What a cute little gift!!

Reese opening her birthday present from the Martinez family...she likes the paper!!
Have a wonderful 1st Birthday Reese & Tully!!

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!! I look foward to seeing your page everyday when you post things!!! They both are growing up sooooo fast!! Miss and love ya Mary Teel