Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reese's 4 month check up...

We went to Reese's 4 month check up yesterday. She weighed 14 lbs. 2 oz. and measured 24 5/8 inches long. Reese is in the 55th % for all her measurements. Her pediatrician said that we could start rice cereal. Well, we tried...I don't think Reese likes it very much. We will keep trying. Reese also received 3 shots and 1 oral medication again. She did very well considering the fact that her Mommy and Daddy forgot her paci! Robbie picked her up and held her for awhile. She pushed her bottom lip out and made us feel terrible. Once she was in her carseat, she fell fast asleep...and off to Target we went!! Reese was a Champ! Here are pictures of her first experience with rice cereal!

Mom! What is this stuff?!!

After all the good news, our pediatrician told us about a finding on Reese's exam. If you are a recently new mom or dad you probably notice the doctor moving your baby's legs in and out. They are checking their hip bones. Well, Reese's left hip has a "click". This sign can be suspicious of hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is defined as the abnormal formation of the hip joint in which the ball at the top of the thighbone (the femoral head) is not stable within the socket (the acetabulum). The ligaments of the hip joint may also be loose and stretched. I have also read that hip dysplasia is most common in females, breech position, and firstborns. Reese is female and firstborn. Hip dysplasia can occur in fetal development, delivery, or after birth. This finding could be nothing, but our pediatrician has ordered an ultrasound to be on the safe side. Reese is at the fine age of having either an ultrasound or x-ray. Our appointment is next Wednesday for an ultrasound. I assume if the radiologist can't see everything he needs to he will then order an x-ray. The Duke radiologist will read the ultrasound and fax the results to our pediatrician. If Reese does have hip dysplasia she will most likely have to wear a harness...like the picture below.

The goal of the harness is to redirect the thighbone to sit deeply into the hip socket. Worst case scenario would be surgery. Everyone say a little prayer that Reese's hip is perfectly fine or that we can correct her problem with the harness. Here is a website with more pictures and information: http://orthopedics.seattlechildrens.org/conditions_treated/developmental_dysplasia_of_the_hip_ddh.asp


Ashley I. said...

Sending you good vibes about the hip and (((hugs))) too. Reese is such a cutie. I don't think Zoe will ever be in the 50th percentile of anything reguarding growth....LOL. Hope you are all doing well. Take care.
Ashley and Zoe

Anonymous said...

Hugs, kisses, and prayers for Reese and her mommy and daddy.

Susanna said...

Hugs and kisses to all of you!!! Keep me posted....love y'all!!