Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Weekend!

This past weekend my sister and nephew came to visit us. Sara graciously babysat Friday night for a few hours. I had to work and Robbie had a baseball game. Mr. Evan was a big helper fetching wipes and playing with Reese. You should see Evan hug and adore his baby cousin. He loves her hair and you could catch him rubbing her head full! Saturday was a Beautiful day, so we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Sara and I took the babies to the Burlington City Park. Evan was able to ride the tractor and we all rode the train. I think the little ones had a great time and the Mommies did, too!!

Mommy& Reese on the train!

Sara & Evan catching a ride...Choo, Choo!!

Evan loved this John Deer Tractor!

Such a big boy!

Reese's squinty eyes from the bright Sunshine!

Little cousins having FUN!!

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G'ma Laura said...

Love the picture of Evan and Reese in the chairs on the deck. Such beautiful grandchildren...of course I am not biased.