Monday, August 11, 2008

OIB vacation!!

We are home from a very fun and relaxing summer vacation! Now, we are back to the normal grind of things...I am going to let Reese tell you all about our family trip to Ocean Isle Beach! Enjoy...there are lots of pictures!!

CHEESE!!! That is what my Mommy says a million times a day. And guess what?? I have learned to give her the biggest grin EVER!!! In this picture we are at the Giggling Mackeral! It is a yummy restaurant by the waterway in Ocean Isle Beach. This hiliarious fish is one of my Mommy and Daddy's favorites! I get to sit in a highchair all by myself when we go out to eat! It is so very cool...I can people watch, sit up like a big girl, and drop all my toys on the floor for my parents to find later!! I love it! While my Mommy and Daddy ate their delicious Daddy squished up a french fry for me to try...and of course I made a terrible face. You know I am funny about textures!!

After we finished dinner, my parents wanted to enjoy the view from the top deck. So up we went!! One of the bartenders was nice enough to take our family picture!! We were all nice and tan from a day at the beach. I loved the water and the sand. We played at the beach for 2 hours...I was so pooped I fell asleep within seconds of getting in the car.

I liked the view from the top deck. We saw lots of boats and jet skis in the water way! See the women behind me...they absolutely loved my hair. One of them said that it looked like my Mommy had my hair styled in layers...Silly lady. This is my utero hairdo (another comment from one of the ladies)!!!

On Saturday we travled to Swansboro, NC to visit my Great Uncle Dave and Great Aunt Paula. My uncle was turning the big 6-0!!! I got to see a lot of my family here. My mom's cousin, Susanna, flew all the way from Nashville, TN to come to her dad's birthday! It was so nice to see Susanna again and to finally meet Terrence. I met Susanna for the first time at Christmas...I was only 2 weeks old. She thought I had grown so much and that I was one silly baby!!

My cousin joined us for the festivites, too! Kylie turned 2 on July 3rd! She is such a sweet and beautiful big cousin. I love her very much! WE also love our pacis!!!

My Mommy's brothers were at Uncle Daves's celebration. Uncle Eric (left-Kylie's Dad) and Uncle Josh look like giants compared to Mommy...ha ha!! We are so proud of my uncles. Uncle Eric has decided to start classes at Carteret Community College in hopes of starting a career in medicine at the end. My Uncle Josh is starting at the International Dive School in Charleston, SC to fulfill his dream of becoming an underwater welder! Congrats to them both!

My Daddy was so nice to take me swimming at the party! I love, love the pool! It is so much fun splashing water and kicking! Mommy and Daddy said that I looked like a born swimmer!!

My Mommy didn't take my bathing suit, so I made due with my swimmie diaper!! Thanks Daddy for such a fun swim!

On Sunday, we had lots of family visit us at the beach. My Great Grandma Huffstetler is in the picture below. She was nice enough to let my Mommy, Daddy, and myself enjoy her beach cottage for the week!! Thanks Grandma. We had a great Sunday visiting with everyone. It was fun watching all you big people eat pizza and year I will be right there with you!! We also went to the waterway and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We watched my Daddy, Gangah, Blake, Claire, and Andy fish and clam. It was lots of fun.

My Mommy and me loving the breeze along the waterway...I was getting a little sleepy here!

My big cousins, Blake and Claire, love me very much. Here we are posing for pictures on the golf cart. By the way, I LOVE a golf cart. My Gangah got me hooked riding at his house. I just love being outside and seeing everything. I have only been in this place for almost 8 months. There are lots of fascinating things to see!!!

Smiling for my Mommy...Blake was in the background making me laugh!!!

Three Amigos...Claire, Me, and Blake!!! We had a wonderful time together! Sunday night I went to Grammy and Gangah's to spend the night. The three of us stayed together and had a blast. I actually stayed with Grammy and Gangah until Wednesday morning. Mommy and Daddy were able to sunbathe, shop, golf, and dine without me. Grammy and Gangah were able to steal lots of sugar and spoil me even more.

After my Mommy sunbathed with Aunt Sara and Sara (uncle clay's girlfriend), and my Daddy and Uncle Clay golfed, they decided to fish at night along the waterway. Crazy things are caught at Daddy and my Uncle Clay each caught 2 baby sand sharks. They saw a horseshoe crab swimming in the water and caught a small eel. I think I will stick to daylight fishing!!! Here is Uncle Clay with his first shark...Jaws Jr. (fyi...the sharks were tossed back in the water)

Here is my Daddy looking so proud with his big JAWS!!! Mommy heard that these sharks can reach 5ft by adulthood...scary, huh?

Overall, we had an absolutely wonderful family vacation!! On our last night we went to, Filets, a delicious seafood and steak restaurant along the waterway in Cherry Grove, SC. Mommy and Daddy ranted and raved about how good their food was...all I had to eat was prunes!!! However, I do love prunes!! I just can't wait for my teeth to come through, so I can stop making this little old woman face. I guess I may look like this in 90 years!!!

Thanks Mommy and Daddy for such a fun vacation...I can't wait to do it again next year!!! Love you guys!!!

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G'ma Laura said...

nReese did a great job telling us about the vacation! Great pictures! I love the Reese @ 90!
See you guys soon. Love you all.