Saturday, August 30, 2008

Playdate with the Toper Twins...

On Wednesday we had a playdate with my friend, Missy, and her twin girls, Larkin and Evidah. It was a joy to watch Reese interact with the girls. They all played really well with one another and the Toper girls introduced Reese to Elmo. Larkin & Evidah LOVE Elmo!! We can't wait for the next get together!!
Reese, Larkin, & Evidah..a brunette, red head, and blondie!!

Evidah...Don't you just love her t-shirt & her beautiful blonde curls!

Larkin...Don't you just love her little smirk and red hair!!

The Toper girls let Reese borrow their jumperoo...and she LOVES it!!! Thank YOU! I will post a video of Reese jumping like crazy is hilarious!!

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