Sunday, August 17, 2008

Waterworks & Thrill Rides = King's Dominion!!!

My mom & step-dad stopped by our house on the way back from their mountain vacation this Thursday. We then decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to take a trip to King's Dominion. My mom and step-dad purchased a season pass, and it is their goal to take all their children and grandkids!! This time Reese and I were able to jump aboard the van to Virginia! Robbie is in Massachusetts until Monday morning recruiting for Elon. He doesn't like rides, so he didn't miss out on that part...but I hate that he wasn't with us on the carousel. However, Reese's poppy videoed her 1st carousel ride...Thanks! Reese was such the little trooper! We left my mom's at 8am and did not return until midnight! She was pooped and so were the rest of us. Reese is a wonderful baby...we have learned that you can take her any where and she will adapt. My mom constantly calls Reese her "angel" baby! She definitely is an Angel!!! Here are some pictures of our jam packed and fun filled day at King's Dominion!!!

After sitting with Gamma while me, Ryan, Cameron and my step-dad rode some thrilling roller coasters, it was time for Reese to take a little dip! Here she is in the Little Barefoot Pool!! The water was pretty chilly!

My little social butterfly is always meeting new friends! It's amazing how little kids are attracted to babies. This little girl came up to Reese and kept saying..."baby, hat, baby, hat!"...very cute. There was a little boy about 3 or 4 years old that came up to me and asked if he could take Reese home. He said, "I don't have a real baby of my own...can I have her?" I thought that was pretty hilarious!! Too bad I didn't see his mom to let her know that she needs to get busy having him a baby brother or sister!!!

Lately, Reese wants everyone in public to know that she is HERE!! She is very vocal these days everywhere we go!!

Reese tried Biter Biscuits for the first time this weekend. She didn't like them at first, but with a little help from poppy I think she is starting to!

We didn't want to leave the amusement park without little miss Reese experiencing her first ride!! My mom, Ryan, Cameron, Reese, and myself all rode the carousel while poppy caught all the excitement on video!

Reese and her Gamma riding the pretty horse...I think she wanted to ride mine that went up and down!! Giddy up, ya'll!!

Dress up time...Cameron, Me, Reese, & Ryan tried on these goofy hats in the gift shop. Reese picked out the purple monkey and had to have it...a treat from Poppy & Gamma!

Ryan, Cameron (my step-brothers), and I decided to bring out the daredevil side of us all! We signed up to ride the XtremeFlyer. This experience is the breathtaking thrill of hang gliding and skydiving. They hoist you up about 170 feet in the air. Then you free fall approximately 17 stories and reach speeds up to 60 mph!! WOW!!! Who would sign up for this??? Well, we did!

And let me tell was AWESOME!! The scariest part was the upward climb where they hoisted us up to 170 feet. Then 3-2-1-FLY! Ryan pulled the rip cord and we were flying!! It was an amazing experience. We all loved it and were so glad that we decided to ride...I guess the next adventure will have to be skydiving!!! Here is an example of what we did....our video is a little dark. This is a video of 3 girls riding the XtremeFlyer! check it out!

We all had a blast! Thank you so much...Mama and Robert!!!

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Gamma Laura said...

What a wonderful Saturday! We are truly blessed! Love you.