Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Deep Fried" NC State Fair!!

Last Monday we ventured out to the NC State Fair. This was Reese's first time at the fair...not counting last year when she was in my tummy! The weather was actually fall like which was nice for a change. Robbie and I ate way too much including roasted corn, fried chicken, deep fried reeses' cups and then we shared a deep fried snickers bar...Yummy! If you have never tried one of these little "deep fried" pieces of heaven you definitely should. You don't know what you are missing! Reese was able to sample some of the fresh squeezed lemonade provided by her Aunt Tamara!! Reese loved the lemonade and kept going back for more! We took Reese on two rides, the carousel and cars. I think the carousel went a little too fast for Reese and her Daddy's liking! She was reaching for her Daddy before the ride was over. Overall, we had a wonderful time. I know we will definitely visit next year...Robbie wants to try the deep fried pecan pie!!

Our Family

I think Robbie was trying to show off his Conference Championship Ring!!

Father & Daughter moment at the goats!

Robbie looks fashionable with the Baby Bjorn.

Reese & Daddy on the carousel ride!

Whooooaaaaa, horsey!!

Honk, Honk...Reese & Mommy riding the cars!

The end to a good night at the fair!! Can't wait for next year!

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Anonymous said...

She is growing so fast!!!! She is so stinkin cute!!! WE need to plan a get together with you and whitley all the Peace girls soon! I miss you guys so MUCH!!! Love ya tons, Mary Teel