Friday, October 10, 2008

The Razz & Tazz Farm

We decided to take Reese to the Razz & Tazz Farm this past weekend. I thought there was going to be a big pumpkin patch, however, to our surprise the farm's specialty is a corn maze. The farm has a maze for adults and one for kids. Unfortunately, for us we were too late to test our sense of direction. I'm pretty sure I could make it out the maze...not sure about Robbie!! Just kidding!! Robbie's sense of direction has improved tremendously over the years!! We had a great time walking around the farm and as you can see in the pictures below Reese had a wonderful time, too! She especially loved the "Elsie" cow!! Just look at her facial expressions...priceless!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Rikki...she is growing up so fast!! Might I add....she is georgous!!!!! Miss you:)
Mary Teel